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Animals & Insects Posters

Home without a dog or a cat is like a puzzle of happiness with a missing piece. Our tiny, fluffy friends become easily our true family members. If you have a pet, you love him for sure. It’s obvious that our animal friends are unpredictable and demanding, and that’s why taking care of them is not as simple as we’d wish. However, whenever we see our little pet sleeping, we realize that every effort is worth it. We share that feeling with you, that’s why have created a new set of posters for pet lovers. Funny catch words and adorable graphics- our posters in a nutshell! Our products will diversify your homes interior and bring a lot of quality, and a new energy, just like your pet enriches your life! Let’s shout it out loud- we love our animals and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Our posters will help you express your feelings in a crazy, humorous, but also a bit sentimental way.


Tiny brothers

Animals show us how to enjoy every single moment. Dogs are always happy, committed, loyal and crazy, and that’s why we love them. And what about cats? We are pretty sure they share our feelings but they are just too proud to show it. The name of mysterious and unreachable night hunters commits them to behave just like they do. Cats cheer us up, being with us for better or worse. We should appreciate our tiny brothers and honor them with a special, comfortable place in the house. Apart from emotional profits, golden posters bring with them aesthetic qualities. Our collection is meant to fit to all types of interior- scandinavian, danish, industrial, smart, glamour, fashion and art deco as well. A golden incrustation will make your apartment shine with love and respect of your sweet pets.

Bathroom Posters - Time to relax

Is a warm bath or a revitalising shower a first thing you think of, whenever you have a long, tiring day? You go into a bathroom and just to be alone with yourself. You can freely think of many things or, on the contrary, don’t do anything, just take a rest and relax. There is nothing better than a home SPA in your own, cozy bathroom. However, not every bathroom looks like it should look. In our opinion it’s one of the most neglected places, next to a pantry and a cubby, if we consider the amount and the quality of the additives. Typical bathroom consists of a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a soap dispenser, towels and cosmetics. Nothing less, nothing more. This place needs some stylish touch as well!
If u want to completely relax in your bathroom, you have to make sure its cozy, harmonious and stylish. It’s much easier to take rest in a beautiful surroundings. That’s why we ask- do not forget about your bathroom! You have to spend as much time on designing a bathroom as you spend with your kitchen or bedroom. Besides, the job is as easy as it’s possible because the bathrooms are mostly the tinniest rooms. So hurry up! Design your bathrooms!

Our bathroom proposition

We have wanted your bathroom to become a green oasis of peace and harmony and that’s why we have created posters that find their own place on Earth right in your apartment.  They will provide some warmth, coziness and will add some modern smartness, which has been leading in the top interior designs list. Classy bathroom posters will make you feel like you’re visiting an exclusive SPA so you are able to completely rest.
A special printing technique and the highest quality materials make our posters really durable, no matter the moisture or the high temperature. If you buy a special, matched frame ,you can be sure you poster will last every accidental splash without any damage.

Bedroom Posters

A bedroom is a special place in every single home. That room is very inmost and a bit mysterious because it is available only for one or two people. This is a place where we can take a rest after another tiring day and recharge our batteries before the following day. We can finally take off the masks we were wearing all day long and go to sleep with our true faces. A bedroom is some kind of a magical place where our dreams let us visit a completely different, unknown world.
Take care of your bedroom. It’s your private place so try to make it more compatible and adjused to you. And if we are talking about designing, we are leaving you to your own devices. The most important is you to feel good in there. Design your room so it favours leisure and relax. Focus on creating an unique atmosphere that will allow you to zone out in a blissful, reviving dream.

Sweet dreams

If you want to create an unique and cozy vibe in your bedroom, make sure you get familiar with our golden posters collection, whose destiny is to decorate your walls. Besides from the original graphics and favouring leisure catchwords, we have, the only on the polish market, manually encrusted with gold posters, providing a lot of positive energy. Golden additives will make your apartment more elegantly and let you sleep well.
You can also order a whole set of posters that will help you in creating an original and voguish wall gallery- the best way to add your apartment some nonchalant smartness. Moreover, we offer posters that are a perfect choice for a fashion style feminine bedroom and for a futuristic, hi-tech masculine bedroom as well.

Boho Posters

Boho style made a splash in 2004, what was not so long ago. It’s an electrical style, combining a hippie cool with a surfer liking for a convenience and a bohemian uniqueness. It’s kind of underground, a bit alternative, crazy, but also romantic, light and soft. Despite of its young age, boho has already ruled the big world of the stars, has broken into the streets fashion and has joined the interior design! It’s a peacefull protest against the worlds affectation. It is into anything what’s natural, connecting man to nature and to the other man. Despite of a dash of craziness, the boho style interior is organized and very well thought out. Every item is important and has its own story. If you think of boho style, you think of fringes, feathers, earth colours, light fabrics, wooden ornaments, handly plaited blankets and mats. Boho is a very interesting style, allowing us to combine, change or mix things however we want to.

Boho chill

Inspired by the world of bohemia, we have created poster collection expressing whole boho style essence. In our set you will find the original posters with desert palms and cacti, breathtaking grassland landscape and horse paintings- symbol of freedom and strength. Boho posters will help you find your own golden mean. It depends on maintaining a balance between your body and your mind in every part of your life. Boho style deals with going back to nature, that’s why our posters present animals, plants and the catch words calling for slowing down and relaxing. If you care for an independence and do not follow what the rest of our society tries to force us, then you will be into our posters. Finally you have found the posters, that will enrich your interior with some boho nature.

 Botanical Posters- Natural beauty

Despite the rapid development of technology, nature still exceeds us with its sophistication and speed of the progression. Most of the modern inventions are just the poor copies of what we have noticed in nature, an unreachable vision of an utopian world. The place, where everything works perfectly in a harmony and is incredibly beautiful, and diversified at the same time. We just have to stop for a while and take a look around us to notice how perfect is the entire world. We may recognise those tiny things and details, that used to be hidden. We can notice an amazing beauty of a sky, birds, trees and flowers. To satisfy our aesthetic needs we visit museums or art galleries and do not concider masterpieces nature has created.



We have already spent a while to stay and admire the surrounding environment during a rat race. We were struck by the glorious beauty of the plants- our new inspiration to create a new collection of our botanic posters. Various forms and structures of flowers and leaves, an admirable wealth that our Mother Nature gave us as a gift. It’s an endless source of inspirations, that can offer us as much as we want. Our posters capture the beautiful flowers and plants in a moment. It’s a perfect match for various styles, like boho, chintzy, scandinavian, danish, hampton and even industrial one. And what about a glamour style or a modern elegance? Outstanding as well, trust us. You can deck your home with a delicate dandelion clock, feisty cacti and palatial palms. The colorful graphics resemble modern and minimalistic paintings, known from the biggest worlds museums. Our posters will remind you that our Mother Nature has prepared for you the real masterpieces- just have to look around.

Fashion Posters

This time we have decided to turn our artistic, inward gaze to women. We were inspired by their strength and independence to create a new set of the posters, adding a feminine character to every single apartment. Lightness, fragility and nicety connected with their perseverance, temperament and valour mean a truly explosive combination. A fashion is one branch of industry dominated by women. The fashion world is full of young, beautiful and independent women, who move up efficiently the careers ladder and pursue their goals. Why don’t we say it straight out- the fashion world is full of tough ladies. Designers, models, copy editors, journalists, photographers, graphic designers and bloggers. It’s just a small fraction of their impact on a fashion. They are modern businesswomen, who paddle their own canoes.


Feminine character

Our collection has a characteristic gleam, typical for every happy woman. The fashion posters are manually gold-plated or classy black and white graphics. You may find fashion designs, perfumes, shoes and chick additions. Our posters, with the feminist catch phrases, will give you more power and help you believe in yourself. Timeless chic, elegance and class. We want your room to become your new asylum, where you could take a rest and recharge your batteries, just before an another tiring day. Minimalistic black and white form combined with a rich golden colour makes our posters look modern and classy at the same time. A glamour gleam will fill up your home with the fashion vibes. Gold and black and white classics are always hot!

Geometric posters - must-have items this season

Are you the one keeping everything in order? Are you the analytical thinker? Do you love maths? Furthermore, do you consider maths to be the queen of all sciences? If you have just confirmed at least one of these questions, then you should check our new posters. We are pretty sure you will be interested in them, moreover, you won’t change that decor for a really long time. It’s impossible not to fall in love with our posters. Believe us, we have seen enough to know. Analytical minds, who see the world differently than humanists, inspired us to create a completely new set of posters. Everything must be in a right place, factorized. And that’s what we have wanted to achieve with our products! We have discovered a symmetry and quiddity, although they might have had seemed well known. We created a colorful skotch presenting true beauty and a divine harmony of our projects.

Geometric perfection

We have already decided to have fun with a colour and an incredible marble pattern. That is how we have achieved a graphical effect looking like colorful kaleidoscope glasses. A different view of a reality, seen through the geometrical lenses, allows us to find a regularity and a harmony. Surprising colour mix creates a lovely, futuristic view.  These lines, simple and complicated in the same time, touched with pastel colours. That’s how they achieve a deep and elegant appearance. Our posters are a perfect match for different interiors- industrial, bauhause, organic and minimalistic. They will warm your apartment and fit at the same time. Our posters will be a good choice for modern, lofty, scandinavian and danish interiors. Even young scientists would love to admire them in their own children’s rooms.

Gold Foil Posters - Shine on your wall

Posters, scintillating with a metallic effect, look good in the various designs. Does not matter what style do you prefer- whether you are a traditionalist or looking for the new accessories, you will find the graphics or a tag fitting to you in two shakes. Should not be worried about the place to expose them. A frame, a shelf, a piece of furniture or just hanging on a wall- they’ll present with flying colours! Walls are very important part of every single apartment. We are pretty sure that our posters can worthily decorate those empty parts of your rooms. Do not have to believe us, check it by yourself! You will find something for your kitchen or bathroom. The posters with the hilarious graphics, motivational phrases, geometrical shapes and animal effigies- everything is clearly sorted. Guess what! If you have not a green thumb, you are able to buy less challenging plants. Moreover, they grow beautiful everytime you admire them. If you are looking for a present, hold for a second. You have already found it! Birthday, name day and even without any reason- just to show someone close to you how important he is. Now it’s even easier, we recomend you to order custom posters- something unique for a special person. Satisfaction guaranteed. There is no need to spend hours on looking for a frame. You can order the fitting one with the poster, just decide what colour do you prefer. That’s the way you will recive the ready to use product.

Customized improvment of the day-to- day reality

Our posters are handmade. Imposing a special metallic foil makes our products achieve distinguishing, noble shine- the effect that will not able to achieve with a regular printing. We may offer you many unique patterns in different colours including gold, silver, copper, and even rose gold. Posters are available in three basic sizes- A5, A4, A3. You can choose whether you prefer a shining version or a matte one. If you want to create something by your own, modify premade product or order non-standard size poster, please feel free to contact us! We are willing to help you fulfilling your ideas!

Kids Posters - Little explorers

Kids are the most curious creatures in the world. They have to check, test and try everything. They want to be a princess and after a while, they become a doctor for their teddy bears. That irrepressible thirst for knowledge is our future, because it is the reason our little kiddies may become the new generations of the engineers, scientists, historians and workmen, leading our world to the next level.
We should try to make our kids gain the worlds wisdom. That will be more profitable in the long term. Let’s show them books and valuable movies, that will help them find their own path. Try to buy educational toys so they could spread their wings. The most important is to learn to listen to our kid, because it probably has already found its passion and need only some motivation to make that important first step. We should create a warm and caring place, where our child has its own safe space. Children need a place, where they can relax and take a rest so their rooms should provide a calm and concentration. However, it is important to keep that childlike style. If you want to create a stylish children’s room, you should choose the soft colours and simple forms. Just enlive it with additions and toys.

Children’s room posters

This time we have created an unique, children's poster collection- perfect additions to your children’s room, just the icing on the cake. Kids love gleaming items, that’s why we are sure they will enjoy our golden posters. The posters are a perfect way to warm up the whole interior and change a boring, empty wall into a stylish gallery of diversity.
We want our kids to know their own value and keep on progressing all the time. That’s why we present you the posters sending them a message that they are the best kids in the world as well as the posters with the catchwords in english, familiarizing them with a foreign language. We have also prepared the posters with the animals, displaying a diversity and a beauty of our wildlife.
We have taken care so every little princess and prince (or superhero) is able to find what is looking for. We have designed funny graphics and catchwords, that will sweeten every single day and make your kid move in a good mood.

Furfill your travel dreams

People use to say travelling teaches us in every possible meaning of that. It makes us stop and enjoy the moment. We share this opinion. We love taking a trip, reading about near and far corners of the Earth and sharing with our journey stories. We understand the meaning of every single souvenirs from different countries. That’s why we know how important is to keep order and moderation. Our strong side is creating neat collections complementing any interior. Posters inspired by various cities are absolutely the must-have decorations. Our batch presents panoramas of the most recognisable cities. Tightly selected details like monuments and the most identifiable places, will leave you no doubt what you are looking at. Are you into fashion, music or design? You have just found a proper place to buy the beautiful poster of the world’s fashion capitals like Milan, New York and Paris. Our products are not only great souvenirs. They may also picture your dreams or inspire you to visit new places. Consider collecting motivating products, they will make you move! Travelling provides memories, the only thing that will never fade.

Something for spontaneous ones

Planning vacation for months, comparing hotels, looking for restaurants serving traditional food, choosing places worth seeing, packing up your stuff weeks before departure? Does it sound familiar? Are you that type of person who follows the plan no matter what? Or, on the contrary, you represent the spontaneous group of willing to take a risk and do everything off-the- cuff. We are pretty sure you love to collect souvenirs, no matter what type you are. The only difference is that the first ones purchase memorabilias before the trip and the spontaneous ones do that at the end of the journey. Posters will be an awesome decoration- beautiful and stylish at the same time. Moreover, you may order a huge map poster, where you can pin on tiny effigies of cities you have already visited. In this way, you will become an owner of a customized and unique adornment- the best way to give your apartmen some character!

Marble Posters

Marble is a beautiful and solid material, which was immeasurably popular in Ancient Greece and considered as a divine stock. People were already using it in an interior decor or even building the whole rooms. We guess, we don’t have to mention that those magnificent sculptures, everyone admires, are made of marble. The Greeks built their ancient world in a harmonic and lovely way. They had achieved that effect by one, well-known material. Although it was ages ago, marble is still associated with those values. Nowadays marble is known as an interior classics for connoisseurs, who are able to find an order in a chaos of its natural, disorderly patterns. That solid material has been used in construction for thousand years. It is just incredibly beautiful. When we consider marble as a natural material, we are instantly delighted.

Ancient classics

Inspired by that amazing material and its good influence on the interior design, we have created new set of posters with a typical, marble pattern. We have achieved an original effect of modern and a bit outer-space stylistics, by catching marble in a simple and minimalistic form. Marble posters are a perfect choice for the elegant interiors, designed with a little bit of an artistic finesse, as well as for an industrial style and bauhouse or even for a simple scandinavian style. They will look great in an elegant bathroom but also in a kitchen where marble is a star. You can pump your living room up, creating incredible, marble wall gallery.

Minimalistic Posters - elegant beauty

A harmonious minimalism has become our life’s philosophy. Even ancient philosophers noticed that our happiness in not directly proportional to the amount of our belongings. On the contrary, the more tangible goods we have, the more reasons to be concerned we get. So there’s a simple solution- the less we own, the better we sleep. Socrates used to find how lack of goods made him perfectly happy. The philosophy of minimalism is reflected in an interiors design. It’s about getting rid of unnecessary items, choosing a simple, functional form without making any bizzare. It makes us find, that the less we have, the calmer and happier we are! Our own minimalistic apartment will become our precious asylum, where we let the eyes rest from the intensity of the world around us. The bright and harmonious, mostly white, interiors will help us calm down after a very tiring day.


Modern simplicity

We coveted some kind of meltdown in a broadly understood flashy fashion. That’s why we created the minimalistic poster collection, perfect in a simple and quite cold place. Simple graphics and accurate catchwords will make your room warmer and cozier while remaining minimalistic. Under this heading you will find humorous or motivational posters- completely fitted to your expectations. We have fallen in love with softly surreal plant-based themes, both the vivid colour and the achromatized one. It makes a minimalism a bit futuristic. Wide variety of our posters will give you the possibility to buy the one fitting to you. Adjusted posters are not only a simple confidence boost. They will help you recharge your batteries or represent your passion in a new way. And moreover, our posters can make someone close to you happy, because they are the original choice not only for a birthday gift but for a name day, holidays or any other event. Minimalism is always up-to- date!

Motivational Posters - get motivated with poster

Another raining and windy day, darkness, everywhere just darkness... We just want to spend all day in our beds. Don’t feel like doing anything. It’s not a rare experience for most of us. We are only human and need some inspiration from time to time... Laziness is one of our biggest enemies- right next to the loneliness. Luckily, people are the social creatures and need companions who can comfort them. We know that feeling! That’s why we came up with a killer idea. Motivational posters that spur us into action and put in a good mood in one moment. A quick glance at them and you get ready to fight another miserable day, and achieve new goals.

Power of suggestion

If you repeat something enough, it becomes true. This same thing marks every single task. If you assume you are able to achieve any goal, you will achieve it sooner or later. Our envoirment has a huge influence on our behaviour and mind-set. That’s why the motivational poster will be a good choice. It will remind us what are we fighting for and how much we will gain. Small posters with simple words seem to be unnoticeable and irrevelant. However, every single thing, word or thought, that helps us achieve our goal, is worth every money. The posters presented above are available in both Polish and English, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Language barrier will no longer be a problem so.. What are you waiting for? Choose, order, contact to us and enjoy your brand new decoration. Do not forget- things don’t happen overnight!

Nautical Posters - Sea stories

Vacation time! Spending a wonderful time with a family and friends at the seaside area. Who would not want to keep these memories as long as possible? Relaxing, resting, a beach, delicious food, parties, warm sand beneath your feet and fresh ocean breeze. Just add some cold drink and you are in a paradise. Unfortunately, we do not have too many chances to relax completely and do not think about our problems. We would like to stop time and enjoy this lovely vibe or even take it to our home... And here we appear, saving your smile because your happiness is the most important for us! These nostalgic moments inspired us to create a new set of marine posters, that will bring us back to a seaside area and a carefree vacation. Now you have a chance to save the most beautiful moments forever and enjoy them whenever you look at your wall.

Marine style

Marine style usually rules in seaside area homes and that’s what delights outsiders. White and blue stripes, natural materials, anchors, ships and marine wildlife themes determine this unique style. And to top it all, do not forget about the stuff you can find on a beach, whenever a weather allows you to go for an evening walk. Beautiful, polished stones, remains of some ships, fishing nets, pieces of wood- everything changed by salty water. And every single item has its own unique story. The story that we will never know. Our posters present a beautiful vibe connected to that unique style. You can admire many ships in their full glory, dangerous and inteligent octopus, that used to be a scourge for the medieval sailors, incredible coral, exciting billion people and a lof of fishes, crustaceans, and plants. If you are looking for something less serious, you won’t be disappointed either. Do you remember how happy you were, when you were watching a beautiful sunset? We are sure our humorous posters can bring you that feeling again!

Nursery Posters - Children’s joy

A kid finds the world very fascinating. Everything seems to be new and may be both terrifying and marvellous. Can you imaging facing the totally unknown situations everyday? Would be hard, wouldn’t it? However, that’s what the kids have to do for the first years of theirs lifes. But that’s what helps them learning, getting to know new things and becoming the independent people. Kids are brave and they know how surprising the world is. Make sure your kids are surrounded by the things they really know and like. That will make them feel safe in their own children’s room. Give them a break from learning the world and let them take a rest, recharge their batteries. Make sure your kids have their own asylum, where they can hide and spend their time doing what they love. Yes, that’s right, they have some business to take care of as well!

See the world through the eyes of the kids

We have created the beautiful and colorful poster collection with a view to every little explorer. A soft colour will let your kid concentrate while attracting its attention for a long time. The funny graphics and catchy tags make the posters more interesting and original. They will complement a children’s room and provide some cozy and calm atmosphere. Our wide thematic collection is an excellent way to start a conversation about a respect for the nature the animals, about learning English and developing good self-esteem. We would like to see every little explorer smiling and walking the path of life with a joy in a heart.

Scandinavian Posters - Breath of the northern wind

It’s the way we define the scandinavian style that conquered european homes. It is to Carl Larsson, a swedish painter and an architect, we owe a possibility of enjoying many blessings, like refreshing breeze. Living in cold part of the world is not simple. That’s why the Scandinavians are into warm and bright interiors. They are suppose to bring sunshine and happiness during the long and cold polar nights, what is priceless. Spacious, bright interiors, with some simple functional furniture, define the scandinavian style. Add a bit of minimalism, bright colors, and natural material. We can imagine that kind of interior to be cold and raw. However, some thoughtful ingredients doesn’t make our apartment look overwhelming but cozy.

Scandinavian style posters

We were so fascinated by that well-liked interiors trend, so we decided to create our own ingredients interpretation. You can be sure they’ll be a perfect match for a scandinavian style interiors. Our posters will bring sunshine and vivid colours into your cold, northern style apartment. They won’t threaten to your apartments harmony. Our posters are just a golden mean filling up the empty spaces and protecting the minimalist functionality with a bit of an artistic craziness at the same time. If a simplicity, a naturalness and a functionality are really important for you, then the scandinavian style will make you feel like a viking on a ship – right person in the right place. Our posters will make you avoid the biggest threat in a home decor- a boredom. Beside the soft, black and white posters, you can find crazy and colorful graphics, boosting the scandinavian interiors, while giving some youth energy. It's always worth trying new things, isn't it?

Travel Posters - Travelling life passion

Do you love visiting new places, meeting new people and learning new culture? Are you able to find yourself in many different countries and get a spoonful of their bests? Do you want to broaden your horizons and live full life? Do you consider yourself as a citizen of the worlds? Correct? Then there must be one answer- you are a born traveller! Your passion defines you as a mad man, in a good way of course. You sacrifice yourself to discover different parts of the world and you won’t take a rest untill you fullfil your plan.
You are an inspiration. You make people extend their limits and they have enough courage to do what they love. Your journeys are something more than just another trip to get few pictures and upload them on instagram. You travel to become a part of the unknown world, learn its rules, tradition and culture. It’s not always beautifully, colorful and pleasantly but still worth. Put simply- journeys are your life.
If the fear of unkown stops you from finding your own road, we want to tell you that we believe in you and we will keep our fingers crossed as strong as we can. We know that journeys require many sacrifices and dealing with prejustice but we know you are a strong person that will be able to do it. Be patient. Your time will come and when you feel it’s the time, you will just take your backpack and go for the most important journey of your life!

Four walls of the world

We have created an unrepeatable set of the journey posters exactly for people like you. They will catch a piece of the world in your own four walls. Our posters let you keep your beloved places with you, whenever you come back from a journey to recharge your batteries. In our collection you can find the colorful landscapes, making you feel like a part of this incredible world. We have also prepared relating to travel catchwords, that will make you want to discover the world.
We have also been inspired by people who haven’t found any motivation in themselves to do that first, important step towards fullfiling travelling dreams. We would like to help you with heading out on the journey of your own life. We have prepared waywards, leading to the most beautiful cities of the world, making you find a true path, whenever you doubt in your capabilities. Our posters will give you a real strength so your travelling dreams come true!

Typography Posters - Speech!

Yes, you read that right. The above was completely intentional and admittedly, done for a good cause. There is a universal truth that mankind is evolving because of the fundamental power of a single word. It doesn’t matter if it is spoken or written, they are inextricably connected. Words represent our history through stories, rumors, anecdotes, and thoughts to be passed down from one generation to the next. Celebrating the power of words is timeless and has been understood since before the ancient Greeks and Romans. Horace was one of the first men who emphasized the resilience and the power of the written word. In Odes III he wrote, “I have built a monument more lasting than bronze . . .” And he was right; his poems have lived on for over 2000 years and to this day, it is unlikely to find someone who has not read his works.

The power of words

Because of this, we were inspired to create a set of beautiful posters based on the written word. We approached the written word from another perspective, combining humor and inspiration that will bring joy and a reminder to live your most adventurous life not wasting time on everyday worries. Our typographical posters are the perfect recipe for a cozy, energetic interior. Staying positive in hard times is difficult, but our posters can fill your living space with much-needed positivity and good vibes. Are you a polka dot or a stripe kind of person? Black or white? Serious or playful? Or perhaps you prefer a mix?

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