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  • The breath of fresh juicy - Pantone color of 2017
  • Post author
    Złote Plakaty

The breath of fresh juicy - Pantone color of 2017

The breath of fresh juicy - Pantone color of 2017

 It seems that only recently Pantone Institute announced the colors of 2016 but now they introduced us the new king of colors. In the last year, according to the uncontested expert of color, we needed peace, tranquility and rest. And what can we expect from 2017? According to experts, it will be a year intended for regeneration, focusing on environmental problems and rejuvenate our biological clocks. Now it's time for a drum roll, fanfare and cheers. We say goodbye to calm pastels and welcome Greenery – the breath of fresh juicy.



Hope for changes


Pantone Institute surprised us once again. Last year, they overcame the cool, deep color of a pair of pastels. This year they decided to choose strong color, which unquestionably refers to the surrounding nature. The first associations? Green apples, grass, young leaves of trees, spring and hope. Chromotherapists claim that bright green color calms, soothes conflicts and tensions, and also reduces fever and helps fight viral and bacterial infections. Pantone Institute once again showed that he perfectly read the public mood. They also noticed that in our eternally disturbed world, which is lacking hope for the improvement of the situation. One color, and so many changes!


Let in a little spring to your apartment

All the beneficial properties that highlighted above are proven. However, this doesn’t mean that in fear of infection we have to repaint the whole apartment on the Greenery color. In our opinion this color is so vivid that one accent in this color is enough and our interior immediately becomes more interesting. We can choose a furniture, pillows and even the kitchen tile, which not only novice cooks will look favorably.

Natural yin-yang

As we said above the Greenery is so strong that you can’t overdo it. Which colors should be combined with for the best expose? The answer is simple and is derived directly from the first associations, which we had after looking at this color. The whole range of blue colors, starting from light blue and ending with navy blue. Sky and grass is extremely matched pair, isn’t it?

Appetizing connection

Maybe it will seem strange to you, but green beautifully compose with pink. It’s almost a dream team, which always - no matter of shades – looks beautiful. Green eases the sweetness of pink and pink strengthens green, helps him to become more expressive. In addition, this combination is extremely appetizing. Women imagine raspberry with mint leaf, men - steak with green pepper. Despite its controversial nature (and maybe because of it? ;)) this color combination opens a whole range of pleasant associations, not necessarily related to food. It’s strange that we’re just now discovering this wonderful couple!


As we said above - Pantone surprised us once again. We are curious how Greenery will find themselves in 2017. Even more curious to us: what color will be the color of 2018. Do you have your bets? J


All photos come from Pinterest.

  • Post author
    Złote Plakaty

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