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  • In the beginning, there was only Chaos... - Interior Design Trends for 2017
  • Post author
    Złote Plakaty

In the beginning, there was only Chaos... - Interior Design Trends for 2017

In the beginning, there was only Chaos... - Interior Design Trends for 2017

We have seen this years choice of Pantone Institute, which is Greenery (LINK). It is time to find out which interiors will dominate in 2017. After reading them, we can say one thing – one of the objectives of the Interior Designers industry will surely be an attempt to respond to a challenge. The challenge, which threw down the Pantone Institute saying that 2017 will be year of renewal.

Let there be… darkness!
According to some beliefs, the world was created after speaking words „Let there be light!”. This years trends show that we can build our world teetering on the edge of light and darkness. This year, the contrast is welcome in the apartments. We are moving away from the white, bright rooms to show that not only Lord Vader is able to exist on the dark side. We wouldn't urge you to paint an entire room on dark colors, but one wall... Three walls bright and one dark - it really works! Creates the effect of depth, visually enlarges the room and also adds character. Let us step away from the obvious colors to deep green, graphite black or navy blue mixed with turquoise. Dark color does not need to create the interior, which looks like a cave. This trend is designed to give the home warmth and coziness.


If you prefer a more natural finish of walls, nothing stands in the way to put dark wooden planks on your wall. This paneling can be a beautiful headboard. Additionally the dark wood characterizes the style of mid-century modern, which is also very trendy.

This dark wall is also a stunning backdrop to emphasize your furniture. No need to have classic furniture from best designers - simple furniture from IKEA will also fit. In company of dark wall they will look unique.

Mother Earth

Another interesting trend is the desert chic. Deserts inspirations are supposed to change our scandinavian-inspired apartments and introduced the hot climate to them. We do not need to repaint the walls - base stays white, but the interior we create using furniture and accessories. This style is dominated by wooden, unfinished furniture with visible knots and rustic shapes. The floors are covered with hand-woven, colorful carpets. In the corners of rooms and at the paintings we can see large cacti. Flats in this style, even in the middle of winter, will be filled with atmosphere of a hot summer.


Man created from a clay...

From the desert very close to the cleaned and baked at high temperature clay - terracotta. Terracotta tiles brings to our interior the charm of sun-drenched land.





If you don’t like a clay, but still want to have trendy interior in 2017 - use earth colors. The colors of burgundy, ochre, cinnamon, copper or almond. Each of them will provide the desired warming in our rooms.

Man – the creator
Another interesting theme in this year is crafts. Like the rest of the trends, crafts have relevance with return to the roots. Unique things created by hand from raw materials, ethnic art, woven rugs, Moroccan motifs. Imperfect, but beautiful in its imperfection. Encourages reflection on question where we came from and that the things that surround us are created by people like us, not by machines.


Green Lungs

Last but not least trend is deep green in interiors. This theme runs throughout all the other trends. Furniture in this color look beautiful. Small sofas and even large couches with delicate metal legs optically add lightness to the interior. Metallic accessories will looks great on this green background. Gold, copper and brass (instead of the usual steel) adds elegance.

We can’t predict what will be 2017 but we know that, according to the designers, this year will motivate us to reflect on our world. Encourage reflection on the little things that shape us and allow us to be who we are. Especially in time of environmental destruction we can wonder whether our decisions made changes only in our lives. Arranging housing may be a trivial issue but we believe, that even during activities like this we should think about the consequences of our decisions.







  • Post author
    Złote Plakaty

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